The Voting Bin

In four years’ time we make an average of 292,000 choices about our food and only one about our province. With the abolition of the referendum, this number will most likely remain one. What if making choices about your environment became as easy as running your errands? What if you could vote on every street corner?


Carelessly throwing your rubbish onto the street is obviously discouraged. But if it  were up to Daan Wubben and Bouke Bruins, carelessly throwing your rubbish into the trash bin will soon be a thing of the past too.


They’ve come up with the 'Voting Bin’ where you vote by throwing away your rubbish. When you throw something away, a question or statement appears on a screen. A statement is shown and encourages you to throw away your waste in either a "Yes" or a "No" waste bin. The statements correspond to the themes Brabant deals with on a daily basis. The Voting Bin is thus a playful data collector and daily referendum, where your waste becomes your voting pass.


The prototypes are going live during Dutch Design Week. The Voting Bins will be at six design-related hotspots, where Bouke and Daan will present the DDW visitors with a different question or statement each day. The information will be collected and visually translated into their physical 'database' on the Ketelhuisplein. Do you want to keep track of the audience’s votes? Take a look at for the latest results


Bepaalbak is a collaboration with Studio Daan Wubben

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