Bouke Bruins:

Together we make public space. Bouke Bruins is a physical concept maker  creating a better used public space. Creating a visual process from a bottom up approach Bruins creates designs and concepts as dialogue starters, research or entertainment tools. With his Boyscout Designer platform he initiates collaborations between designers and industry to find new solutions for social and urban problems. With experience in teaching and consulting, Bruins gives workshops and lectures about the Observe-react-act working method.



For his graduation he started an ongoing research project and design mentality  BOYSCOUT DESIGNER, A bottom-up platform with a clear goal to make  public space a fun place. Boyscout Designer website!


Study's: 2017: Design Academy Eindhoven - Cum Laude

              2012: at Sint-Lucas Boxtel.


From November 2017 he is part of collective GROEN GRIJS GEEL



+31 (0)6 21 69 24 52

Studio: Avignonlaan 13 - EINDHOVEN


Avignonlaan 13 - 5627 GA Eindhoven
Tel:  +31 6 21 69 24 52

Email:  info(@)