Give metro riders something to do while waiting for their connection!


#RailtalkATL is a fun, interactive research project implemented in collaboration with MARTA’s Artbound program and Atlanta Design Festival 2019


During the 9-day period of the Design Festival, #RailtalkATL was implemented in public transport areas to enhance the joy of waiting while traveling, stimulating spontaneous dialogue and offering a platform for literary talent.


#RailtalkATL is a research into creating meaningful public transport

waiting times and finding a specific language at stations.

#RailtalkATL was founded in 2018 in The Netherlands as Stationstaal (a stations language) in collaboration with the NS(Dutch Railways).

#RailtalkATL is made in collaboration with Wouter Corvers

2019 - #railtalkATL Atlanta USA - During Atlanta Design Festival


#Railtalk is a follow-up project from Stationstaal


This project is made possible by Flux Projects,  Atlanta Design Festival, MARTA , Stappers Law, Dutch Design Foundation, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Simon Bruins and Joanna Nguyen


playing with MARTA Railtalk and RailtalkATL letters
railtalk, letters,
something to do while traveling, railtalk midtown


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