Reversed interview

How to create an equal conversation at the other side of the world? Starting from the plan to help the inhabitants of Kigali Rwanda to create a better housing environment.  We asked ourself the question how we could get good information about what they need to change their living situation.


With creating a graphic studio in the streets, Bruins managed a conversation starter and documentation tool to find answers on how to improve the housing environment. Bruins implemented his passion and skills for graffiti to create logo's and drawing for the people in Kigali. Moving from the heart of the slums to the financial district Bruins explored different needs of the inhabitants.


Together with a local translator and students of the university of Kigali, we managed to make more than 100 drawings, pictures and many new inputs on how and what to improve.


After three weeks of pre field-research in Kigali, Bruins went back to Utrecht where he developed a workshop together with Kria Djoyoadhiningrat and a group op Dutch experts. A participative research tool to reshape the informal housing areas.


This project is a collaboration with SLUMFIGHTERS -Kria Djoyoadhiningrat

                         Also the students of Kigali University and other volunteers did a great job

                         finding solutions for better housing.

The research into slum upgrading was part of my Internship in 2015


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