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Interventie in de

publieke ruimte

Interventions and research in public space


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Groen Grijs Geel










Public soace



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Together with collective:

Groen Grijs Geel X Spark

Intervention 4 op 'n rij



In collaboration with the collective:

De grote energie dialoog


Why don't we all have Solar panels? For the municipality of Veldhoven we went through the town, with an intervention that had a special way of documentation and interacting with respondents. With the intervention approach we created some noise around the question of solarenergy, found new answers and went in to a dialogue with the respondents about solar energy.



Sociale interventies en interventie voor dialoog in de publieke ruimte, ook onderzoek en sociaal design middels verschillende interventies.


"In colleboration with Wouter Corvers we created a new part of public space in Leidsche Rijn. By bringing together local stories with iconic farmer objects we created Het Silo Dorp. The result of a 3 month rescidency with RAUM. Visible till july 2018"

for a complete overview on the residency for Raum

"Check the Boyscout Designer website for more Boyscout Designers!"

Boyscout Designer, a network of users and designers who together pursue a bottom-up approach to using public space.


they unite the world of design with the world of the Boy scout by creating playfull interventions. The combination of involved research and hands/on building. Interventions in public space


" A litle job in exchange for a story "

hunebedden drenthe stadskracht


"an obvious tour guide" 2017

MU eindhoven

Reversed interview together with StudioRosa.

Kigali, Rwanda. Development of a research tool for housing upgrading

"A tool to create equal on conversationlevel"

"WEGWIJS" 2017 - Information car

commissioned public intervention

Veenhuizen - Ketter&Co

A publication about Learning the skill of a barber as a tool to create conversation


" A book about my journey to cut the hair of a refugee "


"young art night"

chalk spraypainting

Museum Intervention


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